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Quest, City Maps and NPCs
Village of Narootuh
Jook-Suh Cargo Station
Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
Geum-Oh Mine
Pub of The Giant Bird

Geum-Oh Mine


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1 HyungJoo-SeungGong
2 Miner [Joo-Nong]
3 Miner [Gwee-Sik]
4 Storage Keeper [Chung-E]
5 Chief Guard, Nak-Yonghee
6 Statue of Black Crow in Geum-Oh Mine
7 [Yoo-An]
8 [Ma-Yong]
9 Magician Merchant, Go-Myung
10 Archer's Armor Merchant, Bum-Ryuh
11 Knight's Armor Merchant, Dae-Gil
12 Mistress
13 [Won-Ga]
14 [Joong-Gwon]
15 Merchant, Goo-Rook
16 Archer Merchant, Woo-Jingwan
17 Knight Merchant, Noh-Won
18 Magical Stick Merchant, Na-Hwan
19 Master [Jin-Pyung]
20 Guard [Yang-Do]
21 Food Merchant
22 Ascetic
23 Prophet