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Quest, City Maps and NPCs
Village of Narootuh
Jook-Suh Cargo Station
Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
Geum-Oh Mine
Pub of The Giant Bird

Jook-suh Cargo Station


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1 Guard [Won-Jung]
2 Chief Guard [Guh-Sosun]
3 [Nu-Rook]
4 General [Sae-Won]
5 Woman [Ok-Jin]
6 Ascetic
7 Farmer [Nu-Woong]
8 General [In-Pill]
9 Fishing grounds keeper
10 Merchant, Sa-Moeau
11 Weapon Merchant, Hyun-Yong
12 Mistress
13 Armor Merchant, Nang-Wa
14 [Ja-Gan]
15 Storage Keeper [Mook-Hee]
16 [Wa-Ryu]
17 Statue of Black Crow in Jook-Suh Cargo Station
18 Agent
19 Prophet
20 Food Merchant