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Quest, City Maps and NPCs
Village of Narootuh
Jook-Suh Cargo Station
Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
Geum-Oh Mine
Pub of The Giant Bird

Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle


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1 Fort Guard [Ga-Gi]
2 Soldier from Troop of Jae-Ga
3 Mistress, Chemist of Speed-up Medicine
4 Parents Who Lost Their Son
5 Smith Who Lost His Family
6 Apprentice Knightage [Gang-Ryung]
7 Knightage [Gwang-Ak]
8 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Woo-Joong]
9 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Joa-Ill]
10 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Geun-Pyung]
11 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Dan-Joong]
12 Mask of Ghost Hunter [Choi-Choong]
13 Soldier from Troop of Jae-Ga [Yoo-Sang]
14 Soldier at Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle [Jae-Ga]
15 Farmer Who Lost His Farmland
16 Fort Guard [Dan-Bok]
17 Mask Merchant
18 Fort Guard [Soo-Sung]
19 Jin-Haeryang
20 Executive
21 Storage Keeper [Choon-Jae]
22 Doll Craftsman [Gill-Jun]
23 Knight's Weapon Merchant [Mak-Sae]
24 Archer's Weapon Merchant [On-Jo]
25 Magician's Stick Merchant [Sung-Wonsoo]
26 Merchant [Wal-Ha]
27 Knight's Armor Merchant [Na-Rim]
28 Archer's Armor Merchant [Chung-Wal]
29 Magician Merchant [Won-Sang], Food Merchant
30 Fort Guard [Heung-Pae]
31 To-Woo
32 Mother of Moon-Hee
33 Magic Master [Yae-Saryung]
34 Literary Magic Master [Sae-Hwon]
35 Bow Master [Il-Rang]
36 Apprentice Bow Master [Gi-Wal]
37 Fort Guard [Soo-Go]
38 Statue of Black Crow in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
39 [Ma-Gill]
40 [Hee-Ryu]
41 Chief Guard [Duk-Yoon]
42 Hyun-Choong
43 Red Flag's Leader [Gee-Jung]
44 BlackSmith
45 Ascetic
46 Prophet
47 [Ja-Sang]
48 Fishing Grounds Keeper