Info Guides

The goal of this Info Guides section is to gather most (if not all) of the information posted on our Discord channel here as well on our website. That way you have a clear way to find the most frequently asked questions and also the most important information especially when just started out on our server.

Whether you are new to Kal or have experience we hope that this section will help everyone in some way or other.

WELCOME TO ABADDON-KAL TLDR : Some Abaddon-Kal History

  • If you are looking for the OldSchool Kal experience, you came to the right place. Before we start, let me say you some words about this server and its history.

  • About KalOnline & the GM Team

    We loved playing Kal back in 2006 before it got more and more systematically destroyed by Inixsoft. And ever since the 3rd JC was implemented, the game was doomed. What was so special about Kal? It wasn’t the graphics or outstanding gameplay, it was simply the community. Being forced to arrange yourself with other people to avoid KS, spotstealing or DLs. Trusting the listkeeper in D1R3 to call you when your partyslot is finally free, sitting on the SpeedRamp in front of Temp and doing Duels and chatting with strangers for hours, or uniting in TS on Saturday to listen to legendaryheart screaming instructions for CW furiously, before it became just running up the pyra via eagle-hide and then SpinSplash down the Flag. Times where you were able to contribute in CW at lvl 30 by giving small but existing dmg to higher lvl players, before the PvP system got “updated.” And last but not least, it was very relaxed to play. While grinding in D3F6 (because that’s what it is in the end, pure grinding) you could watch TV, stream the newest Episode of Scrubs, listen to music or get to know your guildmates better in TS.

  • Of course it was not all happiness & joy. The Korean servers lagged a lot, screwed hours and hours of playing up or gave you CL always in the wrong moments. And the downward spiral continued day for day. Every new dungeon made the previous one redundant regarding both: drops and exp. Thief, Shaman, F10, HL mob changes and more and more pay2win items destroyed the game. People quitted, leftover people leeched for money or built their own team due multi accounting. In the end, everybody played solo. And by “playing” I mean sitting and waiting for the 3rd JC skill to cool down, to press the button again. As far as I know, todays Kal ist just happening in D6, almost the complete rest of the game is empty. Naraeha and Hanin merged, it’s just a matter of time until the servers are going finally offline.

  • I feel really bad for that development, because we had a shitload of fun back in the days... But back to topic. Todays Private-Servers are mostly made for lvling fast and experience the whole Game in a few weeks/months. So after 1 or 2 weeks when I reached lvl 3246 and had my full g197 armor which was basically red g55, I quitted again. So we tightend the wish to play some OldSchool Kal again. But there were no servers at all. Every server that had the wording “OldSchool” in it, was proven wrong in the description: “4 Chars, x34624 EXP RATE, CUSTOM AREAS… and so on.” Which made me wonder, because I was pretty sure that there are a lot of players from 2005 - 2009 waiting for something like this.

  • Inix ruined their 2nd chance “SteamKal” within months, but at least at release the servers were well attended. Also the Forums of Ragezone and Elitepvpers were stuffed with: “I’m doing an OldSchool Server, 2006 like, would you play it?” And the people answering: “Yes” were numerous. But it seemed, no one was able to make it in the end.

  • What Abbadon is supposed to be

    We started creating the server in October 2018 and followed the famous try & error way. Our aim was to convey the KalOnline around 2006 experience, but as lagfree, bugfree and hacksafe as possible. This server wasn’t created for the usual private server experience. It’s a low rate- OldSchool server to relive Kal as it used to be. It wasn’t made to become lvl 70/100/255 in one day, donate money for max stuff, sin some nubs, insult some people, get banned, attack the server/GMs and leave for the next one. If you want to lvl fast or experience custom areas, monsters or weapons and armors, running around in with g30 speed, having every scroll activated nonstop, then this is the wrong place for you.

  • This is supposed to be the whole ClassicKal experience. We want to revive the still-willing part of the the old community, actually having fun in the game and help each other. This Server is for D1R0 PA parties, it’s for D1R3 splashy parties, it’s for staying 2 weeks in D4, single spot to finally drop some g50, it’s for D3F6 WB Parties, D2 Eggparties and finally storming A or K Zerks. This is for people actually having fun reaching lvl 34 to finally splash the Ghosts for Beads and shall bring joy if you drop your first g 46 part. It’s planned as a long term server, so the slow progress pays off. Also there are no heavy donations for this server. We don’t plan to make any money with it, we just established some DC Items to make the KC Items available in the same way as on int server and to cover the monthly server costs. But first of all to make the server playable without HAVING to spend money. If you don’t want to, just farm geons and buy KC items from others, just as on int. No stuff, no money, no ingame GM contact, no privilege for any player.

  • What Abbadon is NOT supposed to be

    I decided to write this part, because I saw a lot of unrealistic expectations, hacking accusations, arguing, scams and alleged scams, disputes, insults, vengeance pledges, hate and threats in the KalOnline forums of RZ and ePvP. So please keep in mind:

    This Server is just a hobby we are doing in our free time, please stay aware of this. We are not investing our whole lifes in this. We have created it for 3 reasons:

    1. We wanted to play an OldSchool server again by ourselves
    2. We had quite a lot of fun building and developing the server once we started trying it out
    3. There was no other OldSchoolServer. There are probably way more skilled people out there than us. But obviously no one else published it.

    We are aware, that you, the people playing on this server are the most important part, and we will try our best. But please do not enrage and trashtalk or spread lies about us or this server, because you feel ignored by us. Before you start playing, remember that:

    - We won’t argue with any unreasonable children, people being choleric about nothing, liars or beggars.
    - We won’t be able to be online 24/7.
    - We won’t be able to catch every hacker on the first offence.
    - We are absolutely ready for communication and will do our best to make it a pleasant free-time activity for you and for us.

    Join the community now! We really hope you guys enjoy our work and maybe together we can give KalOnline a 2nd breath!


    - ALL Quests 1-60 are working. For the people that only played private servers: Event Quests are required for Job Changes and normal quests for EXP and sometimes additional Skill and Contribution Points. - Job Change quests MUST be done normally (we do NOT have a Job Change NPC!!!)

    - In regards to Quests, make sure you use EXP stone when doing them to get 50% more! Always activate EXP stone when you hand in a quest! Very important!

    - Make sure to get a teacher before level 15. We have a new system and rewards. Please check T/S System from the dropdown.

    - We have modified level at which you can trade and setup shops. Current level for both is level 11.

    - Voting has it's benefits, check our Vote Guides to read more about it.