InGame Vote Guide

We are proud to announce that we have (in addition to the Web Voting) introduced a new ingame voting sytem. This is another great way to get more exposure and grow our server for better overall gameplay for everyone! The ingame system works on a 12 hour window (so you can technically vote twice a day). The current reward is 1 Horn of Spirit.

The system works as follows. At the character creation spawn point at Narootuh you will see a new Vote Reward NPC.

InGame Voting Steps

  • Once you click on the NPC you will be redirected to Top Of MMOs website.

  • Scroll down the page until you reach the challenge/captcha response and enter the value required then click on Submite Vote.

  • Vote result should not take that long and you will get success message once the vote was submitted successfully, and at the same time, ingame you should get a message of vote reward received:

  • If you check your inventory you should have a new EXP Vote Rewards item: