Quest, City Maps and NPCs

Abaddon Kal (Kal Online) as it stands is a huge world and without the the proper tools can be overwhelming (especially for beginners and those that are new to Kal).  What we have done here is made available to you maps and locations of important areas that you will need to know to fully take advantage of the game.  

Some of these things include location of people or monsters needed to complete quests (VERY IMPORTANT), location of all dungeons, and city maps and the location of NPCs.

As we go adding and updating the system we will make sure to update these maps accordingly.

World Map (Points of Interest)

This is the world map where you will be able to see the locations of important places such as people and monsters to complete quests and also the location of the 4 dungeons.

Click on the bottom button to open up new window to be able to zoom in on map.


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Cities and NPCs

Click on the city name below to see the map and corresponding NPCs and their locations.

Village of Narootuh
Jook-Suh Cargo Station
Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
Geum-Oh Mine
Pub of The Giant Bird