Triangular Battle Guide

To give an outline of Triangular Battle, each of the three teams, human team, Doggebi team and Demon team, holds a minimum of 15 members respectively and the maximum number of participants comes to 300 players.

Triangular Battle takes place every Wednesday 20:00 - 20:30 server time. During time limit, each team has to carry opponent's emblems off and set them up on their own altars. While all teams take and are deprived of emblems, large-scale battles can be broken out and players may make strategic plays in any location of Triangular Battle Field. Right after the end of Triangular Battle, participants will receive Honor and Reward points.

During the Battle every participating player has automated double movement speed. Running on Z or using speed med will be cancelled automatically and the automated double speed will be reapplied. Animal Transformation, Guild Flags and Emergency Escape are completely disabled in the Battle Area. Random buffs will be granted to random players every 3 minutes.

Other points:

- You can communicate with your team over Chat in the Channel "T-Battle". Only your own Team members are able to see the chats in this Channel.

- You can not whisper to players who are in the opponent teams.

- Shouts are automatically disabled for players who participate in Triangular Battle during the whole duration of the PvP.

Triangular Battle Registration

- To register, players have to contact the NPC, Manager of Triangular Battle in Narootuh.

- Minimum player level must be 50.

- There are no restrictions in participating such as character class or job.

- Teams are divided into Human, Doggebi, and Demon teams randomly.

- Players can only participate Triangular Battle with 1 character






- The maximum number of participants for Triangular Battle is 300, and the required number of players for Triangular Battle is at least 15.

- Once Triangular Battle preparation phase has started, players can no longer register for Triangular Battle. Currently registered players can then move to TB battleground by talking to the NPC in Naroothu. After 3 minutes, Triangular Battle will start and players will no longer be able to teleport into the battleground.


Setting/Unsetting Emblem

- An Ancient Essence is put on every team's altar, of which can hold three Ancient Essences altogether.

- A player can pick only one Ancient Essence.

- A player can pick and hold only one emblem and two or more emblems cannot be picked.

- A score will be made by a player's putting an Ancient Essence on an alter.

(Any emblem which is correctly on an altar is admitted as an obtained one. So emblems must be set up out of player's inventory.)

- If an Ancient Essence is not put on an altar within 5 minutes, it will go back automatically to its own alter(default location), and if a player is killed holding an Ancient Essence, his Ancient Essence will be dropped on the ground.

- Players can set obtained emblems up on their own altars only, and no one can set up on opponent's altars.

- When you sets up an emblem, you have to correctly put it on your team's altar. Each altar accepts an appointed emblem only.

- After carrying off an emblem you have to finish setting it up in your team's altar to verify that your team got to obtain it.

- A red (!) exclamation mark will be added on any character holding an emblem.



Triangular Battle Rewards :
No Essence: 300 Honor Points, 3.000 Reward Points
One Essence: 750 Honor Points, 7.500 Reward Points
Two Essence: 1.250 Honor Points, 12.500 Reward Points
Three Essence: 2.000 Honor Points, 20.000 Reward Points