Trade Character

For those of you who don't know yet we have since added a Trade Character option to the User Control Panel. This system is setup to allow you to safely trade character(s) with other players on the server. This guide is to help you understand the system.

Click here to go directly to SELLER : CLAIMING YOUR TRANSACTION

Trade Character : Listing a character

  • First of all you must be logged into your user panel:

  • Once logged into the user panel, choose the Trade Characters option.

  • Now click on + ADD CHARACTER FOR SALE

  • Now from the SELECT CHARACTER choose the correct character you would like to trade. Click the dropdown menu if you have multiple characters in your account and make sure you choose the correct one.

    Then enter your price (you can choose either Zamogeon or Donation Coins keeping in mind that either should be in your storage before you begin the trade process.

    You MUST have your secret number or you will NOT be able to perform a trade. Enter your secret number and then finally it's alway nice if you can enter some details of the character you want to trade. Finally, click on the Captcha and then click on ADD FOR SALE.

  • You will get a final popup message confirming that you want the offer you are submitting.

  • After clicking OK you should will get a message stating that the character has been listed and now you must wait until an Admin verifies the status of the trade and approves it.

  • If you go to your userpanel and check the Trade Charactger option you should be able to see (before the admin checks it) that the status of the trade is pending verification.

Trade Character : Purchasing a character

    Purchasing a character can be done by yourself (if you want to move a character from one main account to another) or for the obvious reason that you are selling to another player. Either way, after an account has been approved, login to the user panel and go to Trade Character to see the available characters up for trade.

  • Here we can see the the character being offered, click on the character name to see the details of the character.

  • Make sure everything looks proper and what is what you have discussed with the orginal person who started the trade with you.

  • Again, you will need your secret number to complete this purchase. Also remember you MUST have either your Zamogeon or Donation Coins in storage or the trade will fail. Click on BUY THIS CHARACTER if you have everything ready as needed.

  • Finally you will get a popup message confirming if you are sure you want to buy the character. Click OK.

  • If you forgot to put your Zamogeons or Donation Coins in your storage you will get a message stating that. Please login to your account and make sure to checking the needed Zamogeons or Donation Coins and then log back into the userpanel to try again.

  • If you already had the proper amounts in your storage (or returned from placing them in your storage), you should get the message that the purchase was successful and added to your account.

    Congratulations, you have successfully purchase a character!

SELLER : Claiming your transaction

  • There has been some issues to CLAIMING YOUR PRICE. Because of that when you do attempt to claim your price you will get the following:

  • Please note that the process can take UP TO 24 hours (but also can be much less). Please keep that in mind before contacting support.