• UpdateMaintenance Update 13.02.2021

  • We have noticed that it wasn't the wisest of all decisions to hold our weekly regular server maintenance on sunday nights. Therefore we will be changing the date and time to something during the week probably. Once we got a fix day for regular server maintenance we will announce it and change the description on our website etc.
    Since I'm already talking about Server Maintenance, here are the Patchnotes for todays Update which will (probably) replace tomorrow regular server maintenance:
    Patchnotes 13.02.2021
    - fixed poison cloud bug which increased the amount of ticks uncontrollably if mobs or players walked out of PC instantly
    - increased stats of towers in DK back to original (as they were reduced to fit server start)
    - fixed Half Swing mana check, which wouldnt let you cast the skill even when having enough mana for it
    - changed DC to be normal inventory items (but being bound), for purpose of auction system (soooooon....)
    - PL/DK update to allow registrations only when systems are not running
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    Saturday, 13 February 2021 at 06:32 PM