• UpdatePatchnotes 26.04.2021

  • Channel System (D4)
    - we are enabling channel system with 1 extra channel for D4 content only
    - to switch channels you have to use command: /channel 0 (0 is default) or /channel 1
    - do NOT use this command when standing on a bridge in D4, as you will fall through it when arriving on the other channel. You have to use it on terrain, not on objects (like bridges)
    - you can not switch channels when being in assassin mode
    - you have to wait a couple seconds before switching channels after attacking monsters
    - increased Ice Resistences of Demon Warrior (PA version), Demon Infantry, Crazy Demon Warrior and Demon Defender 
    Triangular Battle
    - adding last bits and pieces of this project in this Update, so we're ready to go. We'll be holding couple last tests and then finally releasing this new PvP mode (probably next week)
    - fixed a bug about commander calls
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    Monday, 26 April 2021 at 06:15 PM