• UpdatePatchnotes 30.04.2021

  • Patchnotes 30.04.2021
    - you are no longer able to switch channels while being dead (which caused some bugs beforehand)
    - dropped items out of your inventory will stay in same channel now
    - a bug has been fixed which caused ICs to sometimes lose instead of absorb health points
    Triangular Battle:
    While server has to be taken offline to push those bugfixes anyway, we're going to also push last few client preparations for triangular battle. After the successfull last tests we had this week, we are pretty confident about being able to release this pvp system next week.
    We'll be posting in depth explanation on how Triangular System works etc. on discord and website in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!
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    Saturday, 1 May 2021 at 02:32 AM