Latest News & Updates

  • Patchnotes 30.04.2021

    Patchnotes 30.04.2021 Bugs: - you are no longer able to switch channels while being dead (which caused some bugs beforehand) - dropped items out of your inventory will stay in same channel now ..

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    01 May 2021

  • Patchnotes 26.04.2021

    Channel System (D4) - we are enabling channel system with 1 extra channel for D4 content only - to switch channels you have to use command: /channel 0 (0 is default) or /channel 1 - do NOT use th..

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    26 Apr 2021

  • Minor Update 09.04.21

    Minor Update 09.04.21 - Abaddon Cash (DC) should now be in your Inventory. It's still bound but now has the ability to be placed in Storage. This is needed in order to be able to do Trade Characte..

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    09 Apr 2021

  • Maintenance Update 13.02.2021

    We have noticed that it wasn't the wisest of all decisions to hold our weekly regular server maintenance on sunday nights. Therefore we will be changing the date and time to something during the week ..

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    13 Feb 2021

  • Maintenance Update

    - Server refresh (replaces tomorrow's normal maintenance) - Updates to Duel Tournament to avoid past issues

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    06 Feb 2021